Self Publish

Self-publishing has been around for years, Mark Twain, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf started that way and it is now considered to be a perfectly respectable way to get your book into the marketplace. Because getting published by mainstream publishers is so difficult, many authors are choosing to self-publish by way of a stepping stone. Have you a work of fiction, a family history, some poems or researched work you would like to see published? E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey began not only as self-published, but as a work of fan fiction. Kerry Wilkinson’s debut novel Locked In sold hundreds of thousands and G. P. Taylor is one of Britain’s greatest self-publishing’s success stories.

It might be that you have already successfully published your title as an e-book and wish to offer a printed version?

Coupled with our advice, we can offer you our services to edit, typeset and print your work, at very competitive prices.

An example:

Author Jack Aitchison wanted 50 copies of his Twenty Shorts producing, stories that had already been published in the Derby Evening Telegraph newspaper. We typeset and digitally printed these for him and the total cost was £338.00 or £6.76/copy in two staged payments (additional 50 run-on copies would have been £117.00 or £455 for 100 copies). Included in this price were three cover examples, printed text proofs for proofreading, plus further pdf proofs until satisfied it was ready to go to print. Size A5 portrait (210mm x 148mm), 4-page cover plus 96 text pages, 16 in colour. No ISBN number was required. Jack donated the profits he made to the MS Society. From delivery of Jack’s Microsoft Word files, the production took approximately two weeks before we delivered the finished copies.

Twenty Shorts cover